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Changchun Discovery Sciences, Ltd. (CDS) is a chemistry based discovery service company engaging in combinatorial chemistry, organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. CDS endeavors primarily in three research areas: 1) development of synthetic methodologies to access novel small molecule scaffolds and libraries for drug discovery, 2) design and preparation of focused libraries using combinatorial chemistry and parallel solution phased platform, 3) medicinal chemistry research.
CDS¡¯ management and R&D experiences span organic, medicinal and combinatorial chemistry in world-class pharmaceutical companies. CDS has established a state-of-the-art 2,000-square-meter research facility, equipped with advanced instruments, located adjacent to the main campus of Jilin University, the largest university in China. CDS has a close relationship with Jilin University Center for Combinatorial Chemistry and Drug Discovery and has ready access to the university¡¯s additional instruments, library systems, and a highly educated talent pool.
¡°Science, Innovation, Cooperation and Development¡± is the operating principle of Changchun Discovery Sciences. CDS seeks collaboration opportunities in drug discovery and development, and continues to move forward with partners in the fast growing economy in China. CDS also provides premier research services to worldwide pharmaceutical companies and research organizations.

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